Corey Lynn AARON was born in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KA. Parents: Weldon Eugene AARON II and Sharon Kay KIRK.

Stephanie Anne AARON was born on 1 June 1966 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KA. Parents: Weldon Eugene AARON II and Sharon Kay KIRK.

Weldon Eugene AARON II was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sharon Kay KIRK. Sharon Kay KIRK and Weldon Eugene AARON II were married. They were divorced. Children were: Stephanie Anne AARON, Weldon Eugene AARON III, Corey Lynn AARON.

Weldon Eugene AARON III was born in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KA. Parents: Weldon Eugene AARON II and Sharon Kay KIRK.

Zeta Blanche AARON2 died on 27 March 1971.3 Infor. in file from records of Delmer and Marie Bault. Also from Luella Thompson Feland. Divorced from Herschel in 1967. Her prior marriage was to Aaron on 9/10/1907.

Spouse: Herschel Rex BAULT. Zeta Blanche AARON and Herschel Rex BAULT were married on 19 December 1964 in Auburn, Washington.3 They3 were divorced.

Lisbet Ingebretsdtr Lille AARRE1 was born in 1689. She died in 1760 at the age of 71. She was christened.

Spouse: Jon Sigbjornsen SOLBJORD. Lisbet Ingebretsdtr Lille AARRE and Jon Sigbjornsen SOLBJORD were married. Children were: Siri Jonsdtr SOLBJOERG.

Lenora Elizabeth ABBOTT died on 7 January 1986 in Devilslake, ND.

Spouse: Leonard A. STEFONOWICZ. Lenora Elizabeth ABBOTT and Leonard A. STEFONOWICZ were married on 9 June 1916 in Bowbells, ND. Children were: Clifford L. STEFONOWICZ, Doris STEFONOWICZ, Florence STEFONOWICZ (WHITE).

Sue ACKERSON2 was born (date unknown). Infor. in file from Luella Thompson Feland.
She was married before to a Hooper.

Spouse: HOOPER. Children were: Michelle HOOPER.

Spouse: Duwayne Gordon DAVID. Sue ACKERSON and Duwayne Gordon DAVID were married on 25 August 1979.3

Ethyl Mae ADAIR2 was born on 2 August 1910 in Holebird, South Dakota.3 She died on 4 December 1996 at the age of 86 in Eugene, Oregon.3 She was buried in Eugene, Oregon.3

Spouse: Clarence W. MURRAY. Ethyl Mae ADAIR and Clarence W. MURRAY were married on 2 August 1928 in Watertown, South, Dakota.3 Children were: Betty Mae MURRAY.

Dean Lewis ADAMS2 was born on 6 August 1943. !The family bible of George O. Adams shows Dean Lewis Adams was born 8/6/1943 in Portland, Oregon. Records of Georgia Kahn agree.
Parents: Verne Lewis ADAMS and Marian Jeanne SARGEANT.

Emily Jean ADAMS was born on 25 January 2002. Parents: Kevin ADAMS and Sarah Marie THOMPSON.

Katherine Grace ADAMS was born on 15 July 2003. Parents: Kevin ADAMS and Sarah Marie THOMPSON.

Katherine Lee ADAMS2 was born on 11 February 1948 in Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon. !This child was adopted. The family bible of George O. Adams shows Katherine Lee Adams (adopted), was born 2/11/1948 in Eugene, Oregon. Records of Georgia Kahn agree.
Parents: Verne Lewis ADAMS and Marian Jeanne SARGEANT.

Kevin ADAMS was born on 12 February 1970 in Cleveland OH. He was confirmed in Catholic Church. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. His heritage is Polish and Irish.

Spouse: Sarah Marie THOMPSON. Sarah Marie THOMPSON and Kevin ADAMS were married in October 1997. Children were: Emily Jean ADAMS, Katherine Grace ADAMS.

Oscar Barataen ADAMS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ida May TROUTCH. Ida May TROUTCH and Oscar Barataen ADAMS were married. Children were: Ruby Marie ADAMS.

Ruby Marie ADAMS2 was born on 13 September 1905 in Lark, Grant, North Dakota, [10 miles north]. She died on 14 February 1940 at the age of 34 in Bismarck, Burleigh Co., ND. She was buried. !Ruby has no birth Cert. registered. We have a copy of the newspape r obituary
in file, as follows; Funeral services for Mrs. Bert THhompson were he ld from
the home and at the Lark Hall on Friday afternoon with Rev. James Aus tin of the
First Presbeterian Church officiating and assisted by Rev. T. Baile y of Almont.
Mrs Thompson passed away at the St. Alexius Hospital at Bismarck o n Wednesday
Feb. 14, 1940 at 1:50 AM suffering from scepta senia ( a poisoning o f the
Ruby Marie Adams was born Sept. 13, 1905 near the old Emerson Ranc h about 10
miles north of Lark on the Heart River in Grant County. She was the d aughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Adams and when a mere child of 2 years and 8 month s old her
mother died. With the rest of the family she moved to Almont, N. D. w here she
lived until she was 10 years old. She was then taken to the Odd Fello w Home at
Northfield, Minn. where she was cared for until she was 12 years old . She
returned to Almont for a year and then the family moved back to the f arm and
the same year her father died. She resided there with her brother an d sister
until her marriage to Bert Thompson Feb. 7, 1923. To this union 4 chi ldren were
born, Clifford, Warren, Virgil, and a dear little baby sister, Caro l Joan, born
mothers day May 14, 1939. She had been ailing for some time and was t aken first
to the Carson Hospital where she grew worse and after a consultatio n by Dr. L.
B. Moyer and Dr. M. S. Jacobson of Elgin, her disease was diagnosed a s sceptea
senia, she was taken to the St. Alexius Hospital at Bismarck where ev erything
possible was done for her by medical science and careful nursing. A l iberal
transfusion of blood given her by a kind friend and her son Clifford , was of no
avail, and in spite of all that was done she passed away Feb. 14, a t 1:50 AM.
She not only leaves a loving husband and 4 children, 2 sisters an d a host of
friends to mourn her passing.
In speaking of her life it was very ably summed up by the words o f Rev.
Austin, " personally i knew her well. First as a homemaker and help-m ate,
secondly as a mother and thirdly as a Christian".
A very large crowd of friends attended the service at the Lark Hal l Friday
afternoon. A quartet from Carson composed of Mrs. M. F. Landgrebe, Mr s. E. G.
Laub, Martin Landgrebe, and Henry Scheerer with Mrs. A. E. Blumhart as
accompanist had charge of the singing. Interment was made in the Plea sant View
cemetery west of Lark. Pall bearers were Ed. Posey, Vern Loney, Chas . Johnson,
Edward Pfliiger, Chester Harper, and Chas. James.
We have a letter in file written by Ruby to her sister Mrs. Herma n Bahr.
Lark N. D. Dec 11, 1937; Dear Sister, Am sending you a little birthda y card. so
will write a few lines also. How do you like this weather sure has be en cold
and our house has dried up till the wind just about blew us out. Hav e you seen
May? they were down Sun. also Grayce and her husband and little gir l were here
too. I have been under the weather a couple of days and feeling fin e again now.
Bert and the boys are going to town to get our surplies today I am go ing to
stay home and try and wash my kitchen walls as I have some paintin g I want to
do. I guess will dress our turkeys tomorrow. Ben Zewifel asked us t o let him
bid on them. and he sure paid up good on they turkeys he bought at th anksgiving
time If he dont pay enough will take them to Mandan or Bismarck. I sp ose you
are busy too. Hope you are feeling good. now dont go to too much trou ble for
Christmas. We are going to try and butcher our steer and one pig. s o we can do
our caning and making sausage too lots of work but am always glad wh en that is
out of the way.
Well I must close and let the kids take this to the mail before th ey go to
town. saves me a trip out to the mailbox.
I aught to be spanked as I never answered her card. I thought we w ould get
up and I would see her. but I dont know now.
With Love
Hope you can read this as it is written in an awful hurry.
The above letter contains the card.
A card in file postmarked Menahga, Minn., 2/28/1940, to Mrs. John
Hendrickson, Corning, Iowa.; Dear sis, We are still having nice weath er. Ruby
was sick 1 mo she died in Bismarck hospital had 3 dr when she was ho me but the
drs decided it best to take her to Bismarck. there she had 9 blood tr anfusions
she had not been feeling very well but thot not serious Dr called i t some kind
of blood disies I forget the name. But red blood cells was gone. so t hat was
the reason for giving blood transfusin. She suffered awful the last w eek. And
her hip was hurt when she fell down the basement befor the baby was b orn Bert
call his girl Carrol she is awful cute.
Another ltr. in file; Menahga Minn, Feb 19, Dear sister, just go t back from
Bert. It was an awful sad funeral. The little girl is just 9 mo old s he sure is
cute look like Virgil use to. Bert is going to try and keep the kid s togather.
The casket was just covered with flowers. had the funerel in the hal l at Lark
one minister from Carson and one that Ruby use to go to Sunday schoo l from
Almont the hall was full. Bert told me to write this letter you folk s be sure
and write to him he is feeling awful I feel so sorry for the littl e girl. He
is trying to get some older woman to stay with him Anton and Nelli e and Betty
rode with us out to Bert. The neighbors were good to Bert. They brug h so many
cakes cookies donuts bun and bread Bert just beg us to stay longer no w be sure
to write to Bert Bert said he did not send Sanna any telegram as h e did not no
her address were does she live?
Another ltr. in file; Hello Arlene, I expect when you sen the bi g envelope
you got awful excited. well it was all I had and thought mabe you wou ld like to
read Uncle Berts letter to. Margaret and the boys went home last nigh t been
here since Wednesday. Bradly has been here 2 wks. suspose you had a g ood easter
if the roads would have been better we talked of taking our dinner an d come
down and surprise you we knew your folks were coming down, but the g ravel road
to Corning in places is just awful. just got trough ironing. Well Arl ene dont
no if you can read my scrible sitting in the rocking chair with a bo ok on my
lap. Joe wanted to no why I did no set up to the table. told him I wa s a lazy
Joe and Lelie was here Sunday for diner Joe feels fine. felt good al l winter.
I hope you did not faint when you seen my name on the envelope.
Arlene you can copy that over maybe you can read it better then I h ope you
can understand it all right. but Bert wanted the copy back so I wrot e to him
today so thot I would just copy it for you I knew you would be anxu ns to know
all about her sickness and death. Yu must write Bert a letter when y ou can
Lena had copied Ruby's obituary by hand. See Rin 302.
Parents: Oscar Barataen ADAMS and Ida May TROUTCH.

Spouse: Bertrum Adreas "Bert Andrew" THOMPSON. Ruby Marie ADAMS and Bertrum Adreas "Bert Andrew" THOMPSON were married on 7 February 1923. Children were: Clifford Bert THOMPSON, Warren Eugene THOMPSON, Virgil Dewayne THOMPSON, Carol Joanne THOMPSON.

Susan Marie ADAMS1,2 was born on 15 October 1958.

Spouse: John Allen BUTLER Jr.. Susan Marie ADAMS and John Allen BUTLER Jr. were married on 28 January 1989 in Sacramento, CA. Children were: Kathryn Marie BUTLER.

Verne Lewis ADAMS2 was born on 16 September 1912 in Sunnyside, Benton Co., Washington. He died on 1 December 1990 at the age of 78. He was buried in Hawaii. !He died of cancer. He was a medical doctor. Infor. in file is from the records of Georgia Kahn.

Spouse: Marian Jeanne SARGEANT. Marian Jeanne SARGEANT and Verne Lewis ADAMS were married on 15 December 1940. They were divorced. Children were: Dean Lewis ADAMS, Katherine Lee ADAMS.

Dan ADAMSON1 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Julie Marita LINDSEY. Julie Marita LINDSEY and Dan ADAMSON were married on 1 June 1974. They were divorced. Children were: Lawrence Robert ADAMSON.

Lawrence Robert ADAMSON1 was born on 10 August 1976. Parents: Dan ADAMSON and Julie Marita LINDSEY.

Kathy ADKINS2 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Stephen Ray LARSON. Kathy ADKINS and Stephen Ray LARSON were married on 13 June 1974.3

Kathy Rochelle ADKINS2 was born on 27 June 1956.3 Parents: Lowell ADKINS and Mary Jane ADKINS.

Spouse: Verlynne Duane LARSON. Kathy Rochelle ADKINS and Verlynne Duane LARSON were married on 2 September 1954 in Church of Christ, New Market, Iowa.3 Children were: Randy Duane LARSON, Mark Dennis LARSON, Timothy LARSON, Amy Dawn LARSON.

Lowell ADKINS2 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Jane ADKINS. Children were: Kathy Rochelle ADKINS.

Mary Jane ADKINS2 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lowell ADKINS. Children were: Kathy Rochelle ADKINS.

Guri ÅDNESDTR was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Torjei Mauritsen BJORNSTAD. Guri ÅDNESDTR and Torjei Mauritsen BJORNSTAD were married. Children were: Ellen Torgersdtr BJORNSTAD.

Brita Nelsdtr AFDAL1 was born in 1857. She died in 1927 at the age of 70 in Landa, Bottineau, ND, USA. Parents: Nels AFDAL and Anna TVINNE.

Spouse: Knut Bjarneson BREKKE. Brita Nelsdtr AFDAL and Knut Bjarneson BREKKE were married in 1878 in Voss, Norway. Had the Brekke farm. (Gardfolk på Brekke i Gullfjordingen på Voss) Children were: Bjarne Knutson BREKKE, Anna Knutsdotter BREKKE, Nils Knutson BREKKE, Knut Knutson BREKKE, Lars Knutson BREKKE, Margreta Knutsdotter BREKKE, Olav Knutson BREKKE, Guro Knutsdrotter BREKKE, Torger Knutson BREKKE.

Gjertrud Olsdtr AFDAL was born in 1812. Parents: Ola Nilsson AFDAL and Kari Sjursdtr BØ.

Spouse: Knut Larsson SAUDE. Gjertrud Olsdtr AFDAL and Knut Larsson SAUDE were married in 1833. Gardfolk på ytre Afdal Children were: Nels AFDAL.

Nels AFDAL1 was born in 1833. He died in 1927 at the age of 94. He was christened. Parents: Knut Larsson SAUDE and Gjertrud Olsdtr AFDAL.

Spouse: Anna TVINNE. Anna TVINNE and Nels AFDAL were married in 1855. Children were: Brita Nelsdtr AFDAL.

Ola Nilsson AFDAL was born in 1787. He died in 1874 at the age of 87.

Spouse: Kari Sjursdtr BØ. Kari Sjursdtr BØ and Ola Nilsson AFDAL were married in 1811. Children were: Gjertrud Olsdtr AFDAL.

Betsy Ann AHART2 was born on 17 January 1962 in Estherville, IA.3 Parents: Neal Kelly AHART and Eileen Mae LARSON.

Spouse: Keith Allen KNODEL. Betsy Ann AHART and Keith Allen KNODEL were married on 11 June 1988 in St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Clayton, SD. Children were: Shane Allen KNODEL.

Bonnie Jo AHART2 was born on 30 October 1953 in Storm Lake, IA.3 [Thomp2.FTW]

!Infor. in file from Luella Thompson Feland.
Parents: Neal Kelly AHART and Eileen Mae LARSON.

Spouse: John Paul NOTEBOOM Jr.. Bonnie Jo AHART and John Paul NOTEBOOM Jr. were married on 22 July 1971 in Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Phillip, SD.3 Children were: Cody Shane NOTEBOOM, Trishia Lynn NOTEBOOM.

Crystal Ann AHART was born on 28 August 1984 in Akron, IA. Parents: James Alan AHART and Joan Carol PEARSON.

James Alan AHART2 was born on 7 March 1960 in Estherville, IA.3 Parents: Neal Kelly AHART and Eileen Mae LARSON.

Spouse: Joan Carol PEARSON. Joan Carol PEARSON and James Alan AHART were married on 16 October 1981 in Peace Lutheran Church, Alcester, SD. Children were: Nikki Jo AHART, Crystal Ann AHART.

Jay Ernest AHART2 was born on 23 July 1957 in Estherville, IA.3 Parents: Neal Kelly AHART and Eileen Mae LARSON.

Spouse: Vickie Lee BERN. Vickie Lee BERN and Jay Ernest AHART were married on 11 August 1978 in Peace Lutheran Church, Alcester, SD. Children were: Kelly Paul AHART, Keegan Lee AHART.

John Eldon AHART2 was born on 12 August 1965 in Rapid City, Pennington Co., SD.3 Parents: Neal Kelly AHART and Eileen Mae LARSON.

Spouse: Tracy Louise KOERNER. Tracy Louise KOERNER and John Eldon AHART were married on 10 August 1996 in North Hollywood, CA. Children were: Joseph James AHART.

Joseph Anthony AHART was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Ruth KELLY. Mary Ruth KELLY and Joseph Anthony AHART were married. Children were: Neal Kelly AHART.

Joseph James AHART was born on 12 October 2002 in Valencia, CA. Parents: John Eldon AHART and Tracy Louise KOERNER.

Kathy Sue AHART2 was born on 2 May 1952 in Storm Lake, IA.3 Parents: Neal Kelly AHART and Eileen Mae LARSON.

Spouse: Gerald Lee NOTEBOOM. Kathy Sue AHART and Gerald Lee NOTEBOOM were married on 23 April 1971 in Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Phillip, South Dakota.3 Children were: Jeffrey Wade NOTEBOOM, Timothy Zane NOTEBOOM, Tiffany Lee NOTEBOOM.

Keegan Lee AHART was born on 23 October 1982 in Akron, IA. Parents: Jay Ernest AHART and Vickie Lee BERN.

Kelly Paul AHART was born on 3 October 1980 in Akron, IA. Parents: Jay Ernest AHART and Vickie Lee BERN.

Neal Kelly AHART2 was born on 7 November 1923. Infor. in file from Luella Thompson Feland. He was a lay missionary for the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church.
Parents: Joseph Anthony AHART and Mary Ruth KELLY.

Spouse: Marjorie Russell JOHNSON. Marjorie Russell JOHNSON and Neal Kelly AHART were married on 16 August 1986 in St. John's Lutheran Church, Ringstead, IA.

Spouse: Eileen Mae LARSON. Eileen Mae LARSON and Neal Kelly AHART were married on 24 September 1950 in Newell, Iowa.3 Children were: Kathy Sue AHART, Bonnie Jo AHART, Jay Ernest AHART, James Alan AHART, Betsy Ann AHART, John Eldon AHART.

Nikki Jo AHART was born on 7 April 1983 in Hawarden, IA. Parents: James Alan AHART and Joan Carol PEARSON.

Warren AHL died on 11 April 1953.

Spouse: Rosella Beatrice BREKKE. Rosella Beatrice BREKKE and Warren AHL were married on 22 August 1942.

Alan David AHMAD was born (date unknown). Parents: Alan S. AHMAD and Helen HOLLAND.

Alan S. AHMAD was born in Egypt or East Asian country.

Spouse: Helen HOLLAND. Helen HOLLAND and Alan S. AHMAD were married. Children were: Alan David AHMAD, Lisa Ann AHMAD.

Lisa Ann AHMAD was born (date unknown). Parents: Alan S. AHMAD and Helen HOLLAND.

Penny AKERS1 was born on 19 November 1961.

Spouse: Ronnie SCHAIBLE. Penny AKERS and Ronnie SCHAIBLE were married on 30 March 1984 in , Visalia, CA. Children were: Bellamy SCHAIBLE, Adrian SCHAIBLE.

Gunvor AKSELSDTR2 was born in 1722. She died in 1754 at the age of 32.

Spouse: Torger Nilsson ØEN. Gunvor AKSELSDTR and Torger Nilsson ØEN were married. Children were: Nils Torgerson ØEN.

Lorna Ann ALBERS2 was born on 26 March 1943.3

Spouse: Roger Wayne PETERSON. Lorna Ann ALBERS and Roger Wayne PETERSON were married on 28 April 1963 in Rockwell, Iowa.3 Children were: Steven Wayne PETERSON, Karren Irene PETERSON, Rebecca Joleen PETERSON, Sara PETERSON.

Eunice Margaret ALBERT1,2 was born on 20 July 1922.3

Spouse: Wayne Robert STORLA. Eunice Margaret ALBERT and Wayne Robert STORLA were married on 30 January 1946.3 Children were: Julie Karen STORLA, Donna Marie STORLA, Carolyn Ann STORLA, Charles Albert STORLA.