JOHNSON2 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Bonnie GAPPERT.

Alfred JOHNSON was born (date unknown). Parents: John A. JOHNSON and Martha Mallene HENDRICKSON.

AlRoy Lyle JOHNSON1,2 was born on 11 March 1957. Parents: Lyle Albert JOHNSON and Evelyn Minnie HUTTON.

Spouse: Jean Lynn GROEBER. Jean Lynn GROEBER and AlRoy Lyle JOHNSON were married on 7 June 1977. Children were: Megan Alisa JOHNSON, Blaze Keely JOHNSON.

Annie Sarah JOHNSON was born on 7 July 1868 in near Maringo, Iowa Co., IA. She died on 17 February 1955 at the age of 86 in Villisca, Montgomery Co., IA. She was buried in Strand Cem., Adams Co., IA. Parents: Peder JOHNSON and Elizabeth STUVICK.

Spouse: Lars Gudmundson HENDRICKSON. Annie Sarah JOHNSON and Lars Gudmundson HENDRICKSON were married on 24 February 1892 in Strand Church, Strand, IA. Children were: Peter HENDRICKSON, Elizabeth HENDRICKSON, Peter HENDRICKSON, Leroy L. HENDRICKSON, Marshall Dewey HENDRICKSON, Leon Harold HENDRICKSON, Julia HENDRICKSON, Arthur HENDRICKSON, Cornelious Lars HENDRICKSON, Infant Daughter HENDRICKSON, Mabel HENDRICKSON, Anna HENDRICKSON.

Axel JOHNSON was born in Bergan, Norway.

Children were: Albert HANSON.

Betsy JOHNSON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ole G. HENDRICKSON. Betsy JOHNSON and Ole G. HENDRICKSON were married. Children were: Gaylord Julius HENDRICKSON, Jessie Helen HENDRICKSON.

Blaze Keely JOHNSON1 was born on 13 April 1984. Parents: AlRoy Lyle JOHNSON and Jean Lynn GROEBER.

Brenda JOHNSON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Robert HAMILTON. Brenda JOHNSON and John Robert HAMILTON were married. They were divorced. Children were: Laura Christine HAMILTON, Andrew Wyatt HAMILTON.

Bruce JOHNSON2 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Christine "Tina" GORDON. Christine "Tina" GORDON and Bruce JOHNSON were married on 30 September 1978.3 Children were: John JOHNSON.

Bryan (BRIAN) JOHNSON2 was born in 1900 in Strand, Adams Co, IA.

Spouse: Pearl Bessie PETERSON. Pearl Bessie PETERSON and Bryan (BRIAN) JOHNSON were married on 18 September 1921.3 They3 were divorced.

Caroline (Kare Jonsdatter Maeland) JOHNSON was born on 25 February 1828 in Sande Farm, Etne, Norway.38 She immigrated in 1849. She came to America with her father Jone Anderson. She died on 15 September 1909 at the age of 81 in Charleston, WA.6 Caroline was buried in Fordefjords Graveyard, Poulsbo, Kitsap Co, WA.6 Kare was from the Sande Farm, Etne, Norway (northeast of Haugesund). She stayed in IA after Thomas died until 1906 when she moved to be with her daughter, Anna. Parents: Jone ANDERSEN and Marthe HALVORSDATTER.

Spouse: Thomas A. Thompson Torbjørn Trondson AAREG. Caroline (Kare Jonsdatter Maeland) JOHNSON and Thomas A. Thompson Torbjørn Trondson AAREG7 were married on 1 April 1848 in Ottawa, LaSalle Co, IL. by G. Harigos Justice of the Peace. They lived in LaSalle Co, IL for 29 years. All their children were born there. She moved to Charleston, WA to the home of her daughter where she died. Children were: Anna E. THOMPSON, John A. THOMPSON, Thomas A. THOMPSON Jr., Andrew Thomas THOMPSON, Martha Caroline "Carina" THOMPSON, Betsy Serena THOMPSON, Carl Tobias THOMPSON, Amy THOMPSON.

Charisse JOHNSON was born (date unknown). Parents: Duane JOHNSON.

Clarence JOHNSON2 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charlotte FELAND. Charlotte FELAND and Clarence JOHNSON were married on 6 September 1936 in Mandan, ND. Children were: Duane JOHNSON.

Duane JOHNSON was born (date unknown). Parents: Clarence JOHNSON and Charlotte FELAND.

Children were: Charisse JOHNSON.

Fina Kalea JOHNSON2 was born on 23 March 1972 in Creston, Union Co., Iowa.3 Parents: JOHNSON and Sandra Kay HAYNES.

Frank Hiram JOHNSON2 was born on 16 April 1895.

Spouse: Lila Belle WYATT.

Gertie JOHNSON1 was born (date unknown). Parents: John JOHNSON and Olene LEELAND.

Ingrid JOHNSON1,39 was born on 3 January 1891 in Nassum, Sweden. She died on 28 December 1990 at the age of 99 in Outlook, Sask, Canada. She was buried on 3 January 1991 in Ardath, Sask.. Ingrid was christened. Frank and Ingrid had two children. Parents: John JOHNSON and Bengta .

Spouse: Thomas Johan CLEVEN. Ingrid JOHNSON and Thomas Johan CLEVEN were married in January 1912. Children were: Thelma CLEVEN, Blanche CLEVEN, Melvin Hjolmer CLEVEN, Tennie Arthur CLEVEN.

Spouse: Frank SCHRADER. Ingrid JOHNSON and Frank SCHRADER were married. Frank and Ingrid had two children. Frank and Ingrid had two children. Children were: Ervin SCHRADER, Esther SCHRADER.

John JOHNSON1 was born (date unknown). Lived in Frankfort, MI. Later moved to Superior, WI.

Spouse: Olene LEELAND. Olene LEELAND and John JOHNSON were married. Children were: Gertie JOHNSON, Johnnie JOHNSON, Rena JOHNSON, Sigert JOHNSON.

John JOHNSON1 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Bengta . Bengta and John JOHNSON were married. Children were: Ingrid JOHNSON.

John JOHNSON2 was born on 17 April 1979.3 Parents: Bruce JOHNSON and Christine "Tina" GORDON.

John A. JOHNSON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Martha Mallene HENDRICKSON. Martha Mallene HENDRICKSON and John A. JOHNSON were married in LaSalle Co., IL. They were divorced. Children were: Milton JOHNSON, Alfred JOHNSON, Sam JOHNSON, Julia Gemalia JOHNSON.

Johnnie JOHNSON1 was born (date unknown). Never married. Was a jeweler and watchmaker. Worked with his father in Superior. Parents: John JOHNSON and Olene LEELAND.

Julia Gemalia JOHNSON was born (date unknown). Parents: John A. JOHNSON and Martha Mallene HENDRICKSON.

Lillie JOHNSON2 was born on 17 September 1900.3 She died on 2 May 1982 at the age of 81 in Clarinda, Page Co., IA. Infor. in file from records of Luella Thompson Feland. Laube says day birth is 5. She lived in New Market, Iowa.

Spouse: Herby Chester LARSON. Lillie JOHNSON and Herby Chester LARSON were married on 1 January 1923.3 Children were: Bradley Wayne LARSON, Dallas Millard LARSON, Verlynne Duane LARSON, Ruby Regena LARSON, Merrill Dean LARSON, Donna Lee LARSON, Darwin Lee LARSON, Gary Eugene LARSON, Lyndal Clarke LARSON.

LoRayne Marie JOHNSON1,2 was born on 27 August 1947. Parents: Lyle Albert JOHNSON and Evelyn Minnie HUTTON.

Spouse: Denis FORTNER. LoRayne Marie JOHNSON and Denis FORTNER were married in November 1968.

Spouse: Norman T. Ted WHITEHEAD. LoRayne Marie JOHNSON and Norman T. Ted WHITEHEAD were married on 22 April 1982. Children were: Travis Kelly WHITEHEAD.

Loren Dean JOHNSON1,2 was born on 22 April 1961. Parents: Lyle Albert JOHNSON and Evelyn Minnie HUTTON.

Spouse: Jeanette JORGENSEN. Jeanette JORGENSEN and Loren Dean JOHNSON were married on 18 August 1985 in Storla Lutheran, Aurora Co., SD. Children were: Janet Marie AMUNDSEN.

Lyle Albert JOHNSON1,2 was born on 27 March 1916. He died on 2 August 1989 at the age of 73 in Mitchell, Davison Co., SD. He was buried on 4 August 1989 in Trinity Cemetery, Sanborn Co., Letcher, SD.

Spouse: Evelyn Minnie HUTTON. Evelyn Minnie HUTTON and Lyle Albert JOHNSON were married on 7 June 1941. Children were: LoRayne Marie JOHNSON, AlRoy Lyle JOHNSON, Loren Dean JOHNSON.

Marjorie Russell JOHNSON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Neal Kelly AHART. Marjorie Russell JOHNSON and Neal Kelly AHART were married on 16 August 1986 in St. John's Lutheran Church, Ringstead, IA.

Matilda JOHNSON2 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edward C. ODSON. Children were: Paul Ernest ODSON, Elmo Edward ODSON.

Megan Alisa JOHNSON1,2 was born on 20 November 1981. Parents: AlRoy Lyle JOHNSON and Jean Lynn GROEBER.

Milton JOHNSON was born (date unknown). Parents: John A. JOHNSON and Martha Mallene HENDRICKSON.

Mollie JOHNSON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Andrew OLSON. Mollie JOHNSON and Andrew OLSON were married. Children were: Sarah Emelia OLSON.

Mylah Darrelle JOHNSON was born on 6 January 1999 in Sioux Valley Hos, Sioux Falls, SD. She was adopted in Asheville, NC. Mylah was birthed by Mary Ann as she was being a surrogate mother for friends Alycia and Mandel Johnson. The whole process of surrogacy is the subject of a book published by Mary Ann, The Gift of a Child, published in 2002. Mylah spent one day in the home of Mary Ann and JD Thompson after being born. She then left with Alycia and Mandel for their home in Wisconsin. She previously had spent nine months being the focus of loving attention and playfulness with Mary Ann and JD and friends.

Orpha Tenore JOHNSON was born on 7 November 1921.

Spouse: James Earl SNETTING. Orpha Tenore JOHNSON and James Earl SNETTING were married on 6 May 1950. Children were: Mark Earl SNETTING.

Peder JOHNSON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth STUVICK. Elizabeth STUVICK and Peder JOHNSON were married. Children were: Annie Sarah JOHNSON.

Rena JOHNSON1 was born (date unknown). Married 1) Gus, 2) ... O'Leary. No children. Lived in Chicago many years. Returned to Superior, WI, and died there in 1964. Parents: John JOHNSON and Olene LEELAND.

Spouse: Gus . Rena JOHNSON and Gus were married.

Spouse: O'LEARY. Rena JOHNSON and O'LEARY were married.

Roxanne Elaine JOHNSON was born on 24 February 1961 in Williston, ND. Parents: Boyd HERLAND and Orrine (HERLAND).

Spouse: Darcy Chris HANSON. Roxanne Elaine JOHNSON and Darcy Chris HANSON were married on 8 October 1983 in Alamo, ND. They were divorced UNKNOWN. Children were: Brittany Orrine HANSON, Klayton Harley HANSON, Kyle Curtis HANSON.

Sam JOHNSON was born (date unknown). Parents: John A. JOHNSON and Martha Mallene HENDRICKSON.

Sigert JOHNSON1 was born. He died. He was christened. Lived in Superior,WI. Parents: John JOHNSON and Olene LEELAND.

Brooke Ashley JOHNSTON was born on 14 January 1991. Parents: Mark Stanley JOHNSTON and Theresa GULICK.

Casey JOHNSTON was born on 8 November 1982. Parents: Mark Stanley JOHNSTON and LeAnn PHILLIPS.

Gary Mathew JOHNSTON was born on 6 August 1980. Parents: Mathew Gary JOHNSTON and Cindy May .

Mark Stanley JOHNSTON was born on 10 September 1961. Parents: Stanley JOHNSTON and Sherry Ann ODSON.

Spouse: LeAnn PHILLIPS. LeAnn PHILLIPS and Mark Stanley JOHNSTON were married on 3 April 1982. Children were: Casey JOHNSTON.

Spouse: Theresa GULICK. Theresa GULICK and Mark Stanley JOHNSTON were married on 20 May. Children were: Brooke Ashley JOHNSTON.

Mathew Gary JOHNSTON was born on 17 February 1957. Parents: Stanley JOHNSTON and Sherry Ann ODSON.

Spouse: Cindy May . Cindy May and Mathew Gary JOHNSTON were married on 20 September. Children were: Gary Mathew JOHNSTON.

Stanley JOHNSTON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sherry Ann ODSON. Sherry Ann ODSON and Stanley JOHNSTON were married. Children were: Mathew Gary JOHNSTON, Terri LeaAnn JOHNSTON, Mark Stanley JOHNSTON.

Terri LeaAnn JOHNSTON was born on 26 March 1960. Parents: Stanley JOHNSTON and Sherry Ann ODSON.

Evelyn Charlotte JOLLY2 was born on 11 July 1907 in Leahy, WA.

Spouse: Stanley Thomas JONES. Evelyn Charlotte JOLLY and Stanley Thomas JONES were married on 1 October 1928. Children were: Jeannie Kay JONES, Donna Gay JONES.

Elsie Christine JONASDTR2 was born on 21 October 1859 in Bjerkreim, Helleland, Norway. She died on 20 April 1941 at the age of 81 in Aurora Co, SD. Parents: Jonas Pedersen (Sandstøl) ODLAND and Lotte Nilsdtr ØEN.

Spouse: Oskar(Asbjørn Torkellson Hammersmark) THOMPSON. Elsie Christine JONASDTR and Oskar(Asbjørn Torkellson Hammersmark) THOMPSON were married on 18 June 1879 in Parish of Lund, Norway. Realizing that in order to accomplish anything on their own, Asbjorn Torkelson and his bride, Elsie Sanstol, accompanied by Elsie's sister, Lettie, set sail for the enchanting land of opportunity, America! They had been married on the 18th of June, 1879, in their native land of Norway, but knew that in order to farm they would have to go elsewhere as there was just no more land available to be farmed as land was held in the family and as families grew they knew that they had no choice but to leave Norway.
After landing in the "new world" they found their way westward to the prairies of Illinois where Asbjorn, now using his American name of Oskar Thompson (from Tomson, Tom being the English form of Torkel, his Dad) found work for the first winter but moved on west to Adams County, Iowa, where they settled temporarily to make enough money to help them head further west to the newly opening Dakota Territory where homesteading was rapidly taking place. It was while the Thompsons were living in Iowa that their first of four sons, Thomas, was born- on July 3, 1880, some 102 years ago.
The beckoning of the Dakota prairie drew Oskar, and his new brother-in-law Andrew Thompson, to travel by train to Mitchell, Dakota Territory in the fall of 1881 and then travel by their team and wagon to eventually settle and stake claims in Belford township, Aurora County, Dakota Territory.
After claiming their homestead sites and filing the necessary papers in Mitchell, the two brothers-in-law continued using their overturned wagon as their "quarters" while they were securing materials and then building housing for their families. The two adventurers returned to Iowa and their families for the winter of '81 and were ready to move west to their dreamland of opportunity.
While Andrew and Lettie settled on a neighboring homestead, we'll continue the narrative of Oskar and Elsie from here, although we can not exclude them either, as both families remained very close to each other.
The Spring of '82 brought in numerous homesteading families, these usually settling further west than the earlier pioneers as more and more of the available land was being claimed.
So it was that the Oskar Thompson family got situated in the NW 1/4 of Sec. 14 of Belford Township, Aurora County, where today one of his grandsons is still farming.
The Thompson family grew larger with the birth of Annie (who was the first recorded white girl born in Belford Twp.) on Sept 14, 1882, then Lottie, who died in infancy, then John on July 10, 1887 (which was also the date of the Patent on the Homestead quarter), then Lewis on April 7, 1890 and Peter on June 10, 1892, Lisa on Jan 26, 1895 and Ella on Nov 18, 1897. An adjoining qtr. (SW1/4 - 14) was purchased to which the family moved and on June 3, 1901 the last of the family Alida (Letha) was born.
The Thompson family was now firmly established and was making its mark in the growing community. Never was anyone turned away from the door hungry or tired as the Thompsons were very accustomed to inviting both neighbor and stranger in, whether for a meal after church on Sunday or perhaps even lodging for the winter.
As time went on, another quarter of land in the same section was purchased where a new modern home, complete with electricity and central heating, and soon thereafter indoor plumbing, was built and then in the Fall of 1915 Oskar and Elsie, along with Louis, Letha and Ella moved to the NE 1/4 of 14. Pete and John stayed to farm the home place along with Lisa who kept house for her two brothers until Lisa married Roy Hutton on April 2, 1919 and moved to a nearby farm.
Annie had previously left home when she married Torkel Asbenson in Wisconsin on Nov 28, 1909 and Tom had also left, doing business on his own. Letha married John Berg on June 22, 1922 and moved to their rural Mt. Vernon farm.
The infamous windstorm of '24 took its toll not only of many buildings in the area including the two nearby Lutheran churches, one of which was the Storla church where Oskar and Elsie were charter members, but also injured Oskar to the extent that he never fully recovered and subsequently died March 8, 1925.
Tom married Elfreda Nelson on Sep 19, 1930 and they lived in Mitchell where Tom had a wholesale fruit business.
Louie married Gertie Hanson on March 3, 1931 and they lived in the new house in NE 1/4 of 14 along with Ella and Grandma Thompson, until her death on Apr 20, 1941.
The passing of Grandma Thompson ended a generation of, as they would have said, ordinary people, but we today honor them as great pioneers.
From the South Dakota Mail, Plankinton, SD, September 30, 1982
Children were: Thomas (Torkel) THOMPSON, Anna THOMPSON, John (Jonas) THOMPSON, Lewis Tobias THOMPSON, Peter Olaus THOMPSON, Lisa THOMPSON, Ella Andrea THOMPSON, Alida THOMPSON.

Taletta Tobine "Lettie" JONASDTR2 was born on 2 January 1855 in Epteland, Helleland, Norway.3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:Moved to Gya] She died on 6 June 1946 at the age of 91.3 She was christened in Norway.3 Lettie was buried in Storla, South Dakota.3 Infor. in file is from the records of Luella Thompson Feland. Other family records have been compared, including Millen Thompson's records. Lettie's grandfather was Jonas Sandstel. He was divorced in Norway, and came to America in 1905.
Note in the history of Andrew and Lettie in Andrews notes, rin 328 , Lettie is shown as born in 1885. This is wrong. She was Lutheran. In showing Jonas as grandfather above, this is also probably wrong. In the history mentioned he is shown as her father.
In 2nd history under Andrew, rin 328, it shows Lettie died 6/6/1946. We believe 6/27/1946 is correct.
Andrew Thomas Thompson was born 10 March 1857 in Lasalle Co. Ill . He was married in about 1880 in Iowa to Lettie Sanstol, born 2 Jan. 1855 in Norway. Their first son died as an infant in 1881. After the birth of Charles Thomas Thompson in 1882, they moved to S. Dakota where their next four children, baby boy- died infant, John, Lizzie, and Millen were born. In about 1889 they moved back to Strand, Iowa where they had a store and P. O. for a few years . They moved their store building to a farm and lived there until 1902 when they moved to N. D. Andrew farmed and was a thresher and did carpentry work after the store was closed. He had a threshing machine that was run by horse power. Steam engines were coming into use, so he traded his machine in Iowa and had one delivered to him at Souris, N. D. in the fall of 1908. He continued that until he retired in the spring of 1918. They lived with a nephew, John Thompson, until Andrew died Oct. 17, 1921. Lettie then went to live with her daughter, Annie Storla, until her death on June 6, 1946.
Taletta Tobine, daughter of Jonas and Lotte Sanstol, was born in Flekkefjord, Norway, on January 2, 1855. She was baptised and confirmed in the Lutheran Church of Norway and came to America at the age of 25 years, locating at Strand, Adams County, Iowa. On October 29, 1881, She was united in marriage to Andrew T. Thompson. To this union ten children were born, two passing away in infancy.
Her husband preceded her in death on October 16, 1921.
She is survived by four sons – Charles, of Letcher, S. D., J. Lawrence, Hope, N. D., Millen, Nodaway, Iowa, and George, of Sacramento, Cal.; four daughters – Lizzie (Mrs. T. A. Surdahl) of Landa, N. D. ; Carrie (Mrs. M. O. Vea) of Bremerton, Wash.; Annie, (Mrs. C. A. Storla) of Mitchell, S. D. ; and Celia (Mrs. Thom Christensen) of Omemee, N. D. ; one brother, Nels, of Bottineau, N. D. ; 30 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren, several nieces and nephews besides a host of other relatives and friends.
Grandmother Thompson was one of the few remaining early settlers, having come to Dakota Territory in 1882, homesteading in what is now Belford township, Aurora County, South Dakota. In 1889 they moved back to Iowa where they lived until 1902 when they came to North Dakota and located in Eidsvold township, Bottineau County. In 1913 they moved into Landa where they made their home until coming back to South Dakota in 1918. For the past twelve years she has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. C. A. Storla, and passed away very peacefully Thursday evening, June 27, 1946, at the age of 91 years, 5 months and 25 days.
Funeral services were held on Saturday afternoon at the Storla Church with the Rev. O. A. Syverson of Mitchell officiating. Floral offerings were beautiful and Mission offerings many. The music was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Harris Erickson accompanied by Mrs. LeRoy Olson and a duet by Luverne Asbenson and Mrs. Leonard Gjesdal accompanied by Mrs. Merlin Saville.
The pallbearers were her nephews Thomas, John, Lewis and Pete Thompson, Torkel Asbenson and Roy Hutton.
Burial was made in Elliot cemetery.
May God bless her memory. Parents: Jonas Pedersen Toften SANDSTOL and Lotte Nilsdtr OEN. Parents: Jonas Pedersen (Sandstøl) ODLAND and Lotte Nilsdtr ØEN.

Spouse: Andrew Thomas THOMPSON. Taletta Tobine "Lettie" JONASDTR and Andrew Thomas THOMPSON were married on 29 October 1881 in Iowa.3 Children were: Baby THOMPSON, Charles Thomas THOMPSON, Baby Boy THOMPSON, John Lawrence THOMPSON, Lizzie Maria THOMPSON, Millen Enevald THOMPSON, Carrie Temma THOMPSON, Annie Christena THOMPSON, George Julius THOMPSON, Celia Amelia THOMPSON.