Australia Trip- Cairns

September 2007

    The first photo is of a fern/bromeliad covered tree in the park at Cairns.  Then a series of photos out over the coast on the way up to Daintree Rain Forest.  This setting is spectacular and features a tall tower from which we could look out over the canopy of the rain forest.  We then traveled up the coast to Port Douglas.

    We stopped and watched a Cassowary feeding alongside the road north of Cairns.  A rule while observing Cassowaries- Never turn your back on them as they are known to attack and can do severe damage with their claws.

    The next series of photos were taken in a drive up into the hills west of Cairns.

Can be dangerous!

A palm vine!!

King Fern

Cassowary model

The tower

Coast near Port Douglas

Crab excavations

In hills west of Cairns

Incredible tree

Aussie beef

Brush turkey

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