The Village of Kahuwai was located just a short distance northwest of the Cape Kumukahi Lighthouse.  It is found along the extension of the "Red Road" north of the intersection of Highway 132 and the Red Road.  This village is notable in that this is where, in ancient times, Ali'i lived and kept their outrigger canoes.  There also were commons on which people of the area would meet.  Tradition has it that King Kamehameha lived here for a while.

    Today, the area is under the protection of Kamehameha Schools and the Bishop Museum with a caretaker living on site, together with his guard dog.

    The following pictures were taken during a tour of the area in 2005.  Thanks to Janice who took the pictures...

    Note:  The webmaster for this web site is currently working on a booklet on the Kahuwai Village authored in 1984 by Bill Carse (now deceased), converting it from a pdf file to a Word file.  It will then be available in the Pahoa Public Library.






Outrigger berth

Outrigger berth

Note the guard dog

Outrigger berth

Edge of berth


Outrigger berths

Access to the Ocean

Commons border wall

Caretaker house



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