Falls Park

Sioux Falls, SD

    This park is located along the Sioux River in north central Sioux Falls.  The Falls are carved from Sioux quartzite which was formed ages ago by geological compression of sandstone.  Several interesting features can be seen.  As the Falls were carved by flowing water, especially large flowage rates from melting of glaciers and bursting of ancient dams upstream, many impact marks of huge rolling boulders are seen.  They show up as circular rings concentric with the point of impact of the moving boulders on the quartzite surfaces.  Some of the impact marks shown were found on surfaces which are currently about 15 feet above the level of the river, indicating HUGE water flow rates.

    Another interesting feature is that of ripple marks made by water flowing over the sand before it was compressed into quartzite.

    Still another interesting feature is that of the fracture patterns in the quartzite.  Fracture directions run parallel to deep existing fault lines in the area.

























Remains of Queen Bee Flour Mill




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