This page of pictures is of sites in and around Ubud, a town about 20 miles north of the capital and major city of Denpasar.  Ubud is the center of cultural tourism in Bali.  It is filled with the works of artists- stone sculptures, wood carvings, paintings, batiks, Balinese music and dance, jewelry, clothing and on and on.  There are also wonderful places to stay in homes for bed and breakfast as well as jazz cafes, temples, art galleries and motorbikes, all driving on the "wrong" side of the road.

    We stayed at Murni's Houses and Oka Wati Hotel.  Both are bed and breakfast places and offer fine services at very reasonable prices, $30-$40 per day.

    There are rice paddies within and all around Ubud.  They provide interesting places to walk- just don't fall into the water on either side of the narrow paths.

Map of Bali

Breakfast at Murni's

Ambiance at Murni's

Incense Offering

Barong Spirits

Bali Dancers

Bali Dancers

Ornate Woodwork in Restaurant

Temple by Lotus Restaurant

Rice Paddies

Rice Seedlings

Rice About Ready for Harvest

Drinking Coconut Milk at Petula

Herons Roosting at Petula

Pura Dalem Agung


Walking the Straight and Narrow

Bali Volcanoes with Rice

Chicken from Easter Egg

Pura Dalem Carving

Pura Dalem Carving


Tanah Lot Sea Temple

Tanah Lot Worshippers on Way for Blessing


Tanah Lot Shrine


Tanah Lot View

Tanah Lot Site

Sunset at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot Tourists


    Pura Dalem Agung is located at the south end of Monkey Forest Road in Ubud.  It is known as the high temple of the dead.  Just north of this temple is the Monkey Forest Sanctuary.  Be careful here that the monkeys don't grab your earrings, hat, glasses, etc.  They love to be given bananas.

    Tanah Lot Sea Temple is located southwest of Ubud down at the shore.  It is possibly the best-known and most photographed temple in Bali.

    Petula is located a couple miles north of Ubud and is known for its heron roosting sites.  At sundown, thousands of herons circle around and come down to roost in the trees.

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